British rock act Muse shoot to the top of the World's Best Albums Chart this week!

Posted on June 20, 2015



British rock act Muse have the World's no.1 Album this week with their new effort 'Drones', and sales of 359.000, more than twice as much as 'Genic' by J-pop star Namie Amuro, at no.2. Genic sold 160.000 copies according to Oricon. 'Drones' sold 79.400 copies in the US,  78.400 in France nd 71.300 copies in the UK. 'Drones' is already Muse's fourth global no.1 album. Their former effort, 'The 2nd Law', catapulted atop the hitlist with 475.000 copies in week 42 of 2012.  'The Resistance' debuted with sales of 479.000 in week 39, 2009, and 'Black Holes & Revelations' sold 219.000 units in week 29, 2006. Iceland's Of Monsters & Men are at no.3 this week with their second album 'Beneath My Skin' which sold 101.000 copies. Driven by the successful single 'Little Talks', Of Monsters & Men's debut album 'My Head Is An Animal', released in 2012, sold nearly 2 million copies globally to date.

 'Kendji' by Kendji Girac sold 11.000 copies last week and reaches a total of 950.000 so far. 'Rebel Heart' by Madonna sold 8.000 units last week, and 746.000 so far, 'To Pimp A Butterfly' by Kendrick Lamar sold 15.000 units last week and has a total of 902.000 copies to date and 'Sonic Highways' by the Foo Fighters sold 1.301.000 copies so far.  The 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' soundtrack has sold a toral of 2.103.000 copies to date, and 'Chaos And The Calm' by James Bay is at 455.000.

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