Exo's 'Exodus' is the world's best-selling Album of the week!

Posted on April 11, 2015



Exo's new Album 'Exodus' is the no.1 top selling Album in the world.  It is a Chinese-South Korean collaboration with the boy group Exo now consisting of 10 members instead of the original 12. The band is separated in two subgroups, Exo-K and Exo-M, performing in Korean and Mandarin, respectively. That's why their release is available in two versions (Korean and Mandarin). 'Exodus' debuts with huge sales especially in South Korea, where both versions sold 270.000 copies in their initial week. Another 22.000 units were sold in Japan, and 6.000 copies were sold in America! Globally the LP sold a total of 303.000 copies, just 3,000 more than the new Album by the legendary Japanese pop/rock band Southern All Stars. 'Budo', their first original album in 10 years, tops the national chart in Japan with 300.000 copies sold, according to Oricon.

At at no.3, Prodigy's sixth studio album 'The Day Is My Enemy' debuts with sales of 99.000. The Prodigy have been credited as pioneers of the Big Beat genre in the Ninetees, a fusion of rock and techno. The Prodigy's third album 'The Fat Of The Land' released in 1997 was a huge worldwide success. It went to no.1 in more than 20 countries in July 1997 and has sold more than 7 million copies to date.

Boosted by Easter sales, many albums on the current Top 20 had sales increases this week, but the biggest winner is the soundtrack to the new sequel of the American action film 'The Fast And The Furious'. In its third week on the charts, it jumps from no.39 to no.17, driven by a massive 223% sales growth of 58.000 copies. 

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