Korean Indie Group Busker Busker Rule the Charts!

Posted on October 7, 2013



Korean Indie Band Busker Busker have invaded this week's World's Selling Singles chart with all 9 Songs from their New Smash Album "Busker Busker 2nd Album" charting in the TOP 40 including "Love At First" debuts at N°15, "Too Much Regret" at N°20, "Love Is Timing" at N°21, "Your Lips" at N°24, "Cool Girl" at N°27, "Night" at N°28, "Beautiful Age" at N°30, "Juliette" at N°31 and "Autumn NIght" at N°33!


Also, the new Busker Busker album has mercilessly dominated the Korean music charts in its first full charting week. Naturally, the lead single, “First Love,” is  the No. 1 best-selling Korean Single, having sold 576,292 digital downloads. "Love, At First,"  is an emotional rock ballad. The lead vocalist Jang Beom Joon transitions seamlessly from chest voice to spiraling falsetto as he expresses letdown of an abandoned relationship while members Brad Moore and Kim Hyung Tae showcase their musical dexterity on drums and bass, respectively. Busker Busker's compelling blend of impressive musicality, easy-to-follow melodies along with simple lyrics and their signature, low-key charm has placed the group as one of the most leading and successful band in the current Korean music scene.

Listen to their Hit Single "First Love" below..Like?


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