A fortnight ago it was a try, when Ariana Grande climbed for the first time to the summit with scanty 234.000 points, a nine-year low. Last week, Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me' overtaked with 273.000 points (this week at no.2 with 260.000 points). But now after the successful release in United Kingdom, where 'Problem' starts at the tip with more than 100.000 sales, the songs returns also to the no.1 spot of the Global Track Chart. 'Problem' scales up to 333.000 points, a massive 41% boost compared to the previous week and the highest points frame since six weeks. Swedish duo Nico & Vinz reaches a new peak with a jump at no.3 and an 1% points increase to 225.000. Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' breaks through the 12 million border this week and rises to no.12 on the ALL TIME CHART. On the weekly tabulation it sits tight at no.6 in its 30th week with another 202.000 points. Highest debut comes from the Aussie-boys 5 Seconds Of Summer. 'Amnesia', the fifth lift-off from their self-titled album shoots straight at no.16 with 137.000 points. Close behind starts chart-champion Ariana Grande with another song. 'Break Free', a collaboration with Russian-German musician Zedd, comes in at no.17 with 124.000 points. Not far away at no.19 opens the current no.1 of the Japanese Single Chart, 'Omoidama' by the boy group Kanajani 8 with 112.000 points. Outside the Top 40 waiting among other MKTO's 'Classic' at no.42, Kesney Chesney's 'American Kids' at no.44, Kongo's 'Come With Me' at no.47, Dierks Bentley's Drunk On A Plane' at no.52 and Vance Joy's 'Riptide' at no.58 for their first appearance on the big list.



In its second week at retail, Ed Sheeran's new album 'X' sold another healthy 220,000 units. But that aren't enough for a second week atop the Global Album Chart, because 'Kis-My-Journey', the third set of the Japanese boy group Kis-My-Ft2, overtakes with 246,000 sales, according to Oricon Inc. It's the first global no.1 for this band. Their debut album 'Kis-My-1st' started at no.2 in the week 15, 2012 with 254,000 sales and the follow-up 'Good Ikuze!' entered at no.4 in the week 15, 2013 with 222,000 units. Back to Ed Sheeran, his 'X' album slides at no.2 with a total of 769,000 copies after two weeks on the tally. In United Kingdom the album leads the hitlist with impressive second week sales of 93,300 copies. In the USA the set moved another 52,600 units last week, in Germany estimated 15,000 sales, in Australia 11,500 and in Canada 7,700. Australian new teenie sensation 5 Seconds Of Summer starts by with the first full-length album. Despite non-sales from the USA and Canada (where the album will be released three weeks later), the globally sales of 163,000 are enough for a no.3 debut. Sorted by countries, the highest sales had the set in United Kingdom with 67,000, following by Australia with 26,100, France with 11,200 and Germany with estimated 10,000.

The third-highest of overall 14 new-entries on this week's tally is American singer-songwriter, record producer, rapper and actor Trey Songz with his sixth album 'Trigga'. It opens at no.4 globally with 115,000 copies. The lion's share of it sold the set in the USA, where it started at no.1 on the national album chart with 104,800 sales, according to Billboard. Some additional sales stats: 'Unorthodox Jukebox' by Bruno Mars sold 10,000 copies last week and reaches the 6 million border in total now, 'Born To Die' by Lana Del Rey sold 19,000 units last week, 4,76 million so far, Beyoncé's self titled-album sold 10,000 units last week and has a total of 3,36 million units so far, 'Ghost Stories' by Coldplay sold 2,04 million copies so far, 'G I R L' by Pharrell Williams 1,5 million and 'Artpop' by Lady GaGa 1,83 million.



Biggest winner of the week is the promising British newcomer Sam Smith with his debut album 'In The Lonely Hour'. After the release in the USA and Canada the set makes a big jump from no.13 to no.3 on the global chart, a huge 389% sales boost to 215.000 copies. Japanese idol group Hey! Say! Jump opens with the third album 'Smart' at no.4 and sold 127.000 copies, according to Oricon. South Korean boy band Beast arrives at no.9 with the new effort 'Good Luck' and 58.000 sales, according to Hanteo and Oricon. The final new entry in the Top 10 comes from pop icon Jennifer Lopez. Her eighth studio album 'A.K.A.' jumps at no.10 with 52.000 sales. Elsewhere in the Top 10: Coldplay's 'Ghost Stories' falls from no.2 to no.5 (down 29% to 118.000 sales), the 'Frozen' soundtrack slides from no.3 to no.6 (down 10% to 111.000 sales), Jack White's former no.1 'Lazaretto' throws down at no.7 (down 67% to 75.000 sales), and Michael Jackson's 'Xscape' sails from no.4 to no.8 (down 29% to 66.000 sales). Some additional sales stats: 'Midnight Memories' by One Direction sold 17.000 copies last week and 3,96 million in total, 'Racine Carrée' by Stromae sold 16.000 units last week, 2,24 million so far, 'If You Wait' by London Grammar sold 11.000 units last week and has a total of 580.000 units so far, 'Plus' by Ed Sheeran sold 3,68 million copies so far, 'Bangerz' by Miley Cyrus 1,83 million and Shakira's self-titled album 610.000.



As expected, Lana Del Rey's new album 'Ultraviolence' jumps atop the global album chart this week after healthy 356.000 sales in its start week. The biggest sales achieved the album in the USA with 182.300 copies, United Kingdom with 48.000 copies, Canada with 21.000 copies and France with 20.300 copies. But the current single 'West Coast' is far away from the Top 40 this week and peaked at no.21 nine weeks ago. On the other side Lana's first album 'Born To Die' returns at no.29 this week with 22.000 sales. Since the release in February 2012 it sold massive 4,72 million units. Also back on the hitlist after nearly one year absence is Ed Sheeran's debut album 'Plus'. It rises to no.38 with 18.000 sales and that's virtually the foreshock of Ed's new album 'X', which will be make a deep impact on next week's chart, a sure no.1! Back to this week's tally, there's another important new entry, the sixth studio album of Nu Metal legend Linkin Park. 'The Hunting Party' bows shy behind 'Ultraviolence' with 270.000 sales.

The Los Angeles based band reached it career peak in 2000 / 2001 with the milestone 'Hybrid Theory'. This album sold around 19 million copies to date and ranks at no.78

World's No.1 Single Of the Week!

Posted on June 28, 2014



The downward spiral of declining point numbers atop the global track chart continues to rotate. Beneficiary of it is American actress and singer Ariana Grande. Despite an 1% points decline to 234.000 her 'Problem', a collaboration with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, jumps from no.5 to no.1! It's Ariana's biggest hit so far and her first global no.1. For Iggy it's the second global no.1 in only two weeks. She has virtually replaced itself at the summit. Last week 'Fancy' conquered the tip, this week it placed at the vice position with only 600 points less. Back to this week's no.1, the 234.000 points of 'Problem' almost represent a historical low. Since more than nine years no other no.1 smash topped with such a low points frame: 50 Cent's 'Candy Shop' ruled the global tally with 231.000 points in the week 21, 2005. Exactly one year ago, in the week 27, 2013, Robin Thicke feat. Pharrell Williams' 'Blurred Lines' scored with 690.000 points, Ariana Grande's 'Problem' would have been only no.8 in that week! Back to this week's countdown: highest debut comes from Maroon 5. 'Maps', the first sign of their upcoming fifth album, bows at no.5 globally with 218.000 points, driven by big sales in the USA and South Korea. In the latter country 'Maps' tops this week's official download chart by GAON. Normally foreign songs there are under-represented, a no.1 for such a song is a very rare happening. 'Maps' is Maroon 5's seventh global Top 10 success. New teenie sensation 5 Seconds Of Summer lands the second highest debut this week, 'Kiss Me Kiss Me' arrives at no.21 with 102.000 points. Simultaneously the former single 'Don't Stop' returns at no.17 with 121.000 points, driven by the belated release in United Kingdom and some other countries. And the first single of the band is also still in the Top 40 and goes down at no.39 this week with 65.000 points. Outside the Top 40 waiting among other Ed Sheeran's 'Bloodstream' at no.42, Enrique Iglesias' 'Bailando' at no.44, Tove Lo's 'Habits (Stay High)' at no.46, MKTO's 'Classic' at no.50, Kongo's 'Come With Me' at no.53 and Lilly Wood & The Prick's 'Prayer In C (Robin Schulz Remix)' at no.54 for their first appearance on the big list. 

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