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Posted on June 21, 2014


The White Stripes mastermind and rock icon Jack White manages a clear global no.1 with his second solo effort 'Lazaretto'. The album sold 227.000 copies in its initial week, 137.700 of it in the USA and 25.300 in United Kingdom. Jack's first solo set, 'Blunderbuss', started also at no.1 on the global chart with 254.000 units in the week 19, 2012. His former band The White Stripes was one of the most exciting rock acts of the last decade, especially the epochal album 'Elephant' from 2003 and the single lift-off 'Seven Nation Army'. The song with the clear-cut guitar riff mutated over the years to a great soccer and stadion hymn. Last week's chart-topper, Namie Amuro's 'Ballada' throws down at no.9 after a 74% sales decline to 67.000 sales. Unchanged at no.2 ranks Coldplay's 'Ghost Stories' with another 166.000 sales, a total of 1,72 million after four weeks on the tally. The 'Frozen' soundtrack climbs back at no.3 with 124.000 sales. After 29 weeks the album cracks the 5 million border with its total sales.

The last album with sales more than 5 million was Bruno Mars' 'Unorthodox Jukebox', released in December 2012. Back to this week's hitlist, where Michael Jackson's posthumous set 'Xscape' rises one slot at no.4 with 93.000 sales, a total of 923.000 after five weeks on the hitlist. Miranda Lambert's second album 'Platinum' slides five spots at no.8, triggered by a 63% sales loss to 70.000 copies. Sandwiched between Michael Jackson and Miranda Lambert there are three very different new entries. British rock duo Kasabian bows at no.5 with their fifth studio album '48:13' and 91.000 sales, German fun rapper Cro lands close behind at no.6 with his second effort 'Melodie' and 87.000 sales and British folk-rcok singer / songwriter Passenger opens at no.7 with his fifth album 'Whispers' and 84.000 sales. Rounds out the top ten is a hommage compilation to the French chanson legend Renaud. 'La Bande Á Renaud' jumps easily at no.1 in France this week and at no.10 globally with 54.000 sales. Some additional sales stats: 'Random Access Memories' by Daft Punk sold 9.000 copies last week and 3,82 million in total, 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2' by Eminem sold 12.000 units last week, 4,08 million so far, Beyoncé's self-titled album sold 8.000 units last week and has a total of 3,33 million units so far, 'Sex And Love' by Enrique Iglesias sold 205.000 copies so far, 'Midnight Memories' by One Direction 3,94 million and 'Pure Heroine' by Lorde 2,47 million.


In 1991 Bryan Adams reached an alltime record, when his '(Everything I Do) I Do It For You' was massive 19 weeks atop the global chart. Now Pharrell Williams equals this record, his monster smash 'Happy' stays an impressive 19th week at the summit. But with only 275.000 points, the lowest points frame for a no.1 tune since Kelly Clarkson's 'Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)' peaked with only 268.000 points in the 8, 2012. On the other side 'Happy' scored with massive 731.000 points 13 weeks ago. After exactly half a year on the tally the tune reaches a total of 11.188 points, that means no.26 on the ALL TIME CHART. But now the competition is close behind, Iggy Azalea's 'Fancy' returns to no.2 with only 2.000 points less. And after the UK release Ed Sheeran's 'Sing' makes a big jump from no.10 to no.3 globally, thanks to a 55% points boost to 264.000. What will be happen next week? Can 'Happy' lead a 20th week? All three songs in the upper region of the global chart becoming point declines next week, so it's very difficult to say, who win. And there's another song with a little chance for the next global no.1: Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me' climbs at no.6 this week, after an 18% points increase to 239.000... it will be exciting, next week! The new-entries: J-pop boy group Kat-Tun brings the highest, 'In Fact' starts at no.20 with 98.000 points, South Korean idol star Teayang comes in at no.23 with 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' and 90.000 points, Lil Wayne feat. Drake's 'Believe Me' opens at no.31 with 75.000 points and Disclosure feat. Sam Smith's 'Latch' moves close behind at no.32 with 74.000 points. Outside the top 40 waiting among other Enrique Iglesias' 'Bailando' at no.52, Pharrell Williams' 'Marilyn Monroe' at no.56 and MKTO's 'Classic' at no.57 for their first appearance on the big list. 


Legendary Japanese R&B singer, fashion icon and former actress Namie Amuro shoots atop the Global Album Chart this week with her sixth compilation album 'Ballada'. According to Oricon the set sold massive 255.000 units in its initial week. Enough to overtake Coldplay's 'Ghost Stories', which topped the list the previous two weeks. In its third week on the tally it sold another 196.000 copies, a 42% sales decline compared to the prior week. That's a total of 1,56 million so far and as a result 'Ghost Stories' climbs to no.3 of the year-to-date list. American country star Miranda Lambert triumphs as the second highest debut of the week, her fifth album release 'Platinum' shoots at no.3 with 191.000 sales. Disney's soundtrack to the blockbuster 'Frozen' achieves an impressive chart-performance. Since the week 2, 2014 or in other words, since almost half a year the album reached a six-digit sales frame in every week. Also this week 'Frozen' ranks with another 140.000 sales at no.4, a total of 4,9 million after 28 weeks on the tally.

Rounds out the top five is Michael Jackson's posthumous album 'Xscape'. In its fourth week it slides from no.3 to no.5 with 102.000 sales, a total of 830.000 so far. But the big highlight of the week comes from the epic rock act Led Zeppelin. The band reissued expanded versions of its first three releases, 'Led Zeppelin', 'Led Zeppelin II' and 'Led Zeppelin III'. All three albums were huge sellers in the past and sold nearly 50 million copies together! The new versions of these albums bowing at no.6 (73.000 sales), respectively at no.7 (66.000 sales) and no.10 (64.000 sales). It's the first time since the week 11, 2012, that an act placed with three albums in the global top 10 at the same time. Shortly after her death, three of Whitney Houston's albums jumped in the top 10 in March 2012: 'Greatest Hits' reached no.2, 'The Ultimate Collection' no.5 and the soundtrack to 'Bodyguard' no.9 posthumous. Some additional sales stats: 'Bangerz' by Miley Cyrus sold 8.000 copies last week and 1,81 million in total, 'Born To Die' by Lana Del Rey sold 12.000 units last week, 4,69 million so far, 'Unorthodox Jukebox' by Bruno Mars sold 15.000 units last week and has a total of 5,95 million units so far, 'Here's To The Good Times' by Florida Georgia Line sold exactly 2 million copies so far, 'Artpop' by Lady GaGa 1,82 million and '21' by Adele 26,44 million.

'Happy' returns for an 18th week

Posted on June 09, 2014



It was a tight race atop this week's Global Track Chart: Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' against Arashi's 'Dare Mo Shiranai'... and the winner is 'Happy'. The song returns at no.1, after it was overtaken last week by AKB 48's 'Labrador Retriever'. 'Happy' rules now for an unbelievable 18th week! Only one track in the last 60 years was longer atop the world chart, Bryan Adams' '(Everything I Do) I Do It For You' held the no.1 for 19 weeks in 1991. What will happen next week? Can 'Happy' stay also a 19th week at the summit? It shrinks 10% in points this week to 304.000, while the biggest rival Iggy Azalea's 'Fancy' lost 9% in points to 282.000. It seems that both tracks have more losses next week. Certainly, 'Dare Mo Shiranai' by Japanese idol group Arashi has no chance for no.1, it will be throws down outside the Top 10 next week, but this week it bows at no.2 globally with 301.000 points. Back to Pharrell Williams, the top producer was altogether 31 weeks at no.1 in the last 13 months: 3 weeks with Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky', 10 weeks with Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' and now 18 weeks with 'Happy'. Three other songs enter the current Top 40: 'Your Scent' by Gary & Jung bows at no.1 in South Korea and goes to no.21 globally with 102.000 points. Close behind at no.22 with 98.000 points lands the new 5 Second Of Summer single 'Good Girls'. And finally the topical chart leader from United Kingdom, 'I Wanna Feel' by SecondCity, comes in at no.29 with 76.000 points. Outside the top 40 waiting among other Disclosure's 'Latch' at no.42, Nicki Minaj's 'Pills N Potion' at no.49, Real Madrid feat. Redone's 'Hala Madrid... Y Nada Más' at no.55, MKTO's 'Classic' at no.57, Enrique Iglesias' 'Bailando' at no.58 and Pharrell Williams' 'Marilyn Monroe' at no.59 for their first appearance on the big list.



'Ghost Stories', the sixth studio album from Coldplay, reigns the Global Album Chart for a second straight week, despite a massive 67% sales decrease to 339.000 copies. That's a total of 1,36 million after only two weeks, enough for a jump at no.4 on the year-to-date list behind Lorde's 'Pure Heroine' (1,37 million), Beyoncé's self-titled album (1,96 million) and Disney's soundtrack to 'Frozen' (4,51 million). The latter climbs two slots back to no.2 on the current weekly tally, but loses 10% in sales to 172.000 copies. Rounds out the top three is Michael Jackson's 'Xscape', which slides one place at no.3 after a 38% sales decline to 139.000. Highest debut of the week is the new British pop superstar Sam Smith. His first album release 'In The Lonely Hour' catapults at no.4 globally with 128.000 sales, driven by the single smashes 'Money On My Mind' and 'Stay With Me' (currently no.8). In United Kingdom the album starts easily at no.1 with 101.800 sales. Mariah Carey is back with her 14th studio album 'Me, I Am Mariah...

The Elusive Chanteuse'. The effort lands at no.5 in its initial week with 95.000 sales, 58.600 of it in the USA and 6.500 in United Kingdom. Shy behind at no.6 opens J-pop singer / songwriter and vocalist Aiko Yanai with her 11th studio album 'Awa No Yô Na Ai Datta' and 82.000 sales. The final top ten entry comes from YouTube star Austin Mahone. The 18 year-old singer starts with his second EP 'The Secret' at no.10 and 54.000 sales. Las Vegas based alternative rock band Imagine Dragons ranks since nearly one and a half year on the hitlist, 'Night Visions' placed at no.23 in its 76th week and sold another 26.000 units, a total of 3,7 million. Some additional sales stats: 'The Marshal Mathers LP 2' by Eminem sold 13.000 copies last week and 4,06 million in total, 'Random Access

Memories' by Daft Punk sold also 9.000 units last week, 3,81 million so far, 'Racine Carrée' by Stromae sold 13.000 units last week and has a total of 2,2 million units so far, 'The Heist' by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis sold 2,59 million copies so far, 'Nothing Was The Same' by Drake 2,04 million and 'Farbenspiel' by Helene Fischer 1,15 million. 

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