Miley Cyrus, has just been acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most searched-for pop star on the Internet.  


Earlier this year, Miley already won the Award for the Most talked about Artist on Facebook at this years World Music Awards in Monte-Carlo for the 3 million + fans who have been talking about her non stop since the 2013 VMAs….



Congratulations to G-Dragon!  Through on-line votes by fans, he won the 'World's Best Entertainer' award and his album 'Coup D'Etat' won the 'World's Best Album' award at this year's World Music Awards!

In addition, Big Bang were voted World's Best Group, Best Live Act and Fantastic Baby received the most votes for Best Video of the Year. These Awards were in perfect timing as this year is the Band's 8th anniversary.

Through G-Dragon and Big Bang's win, Fans proved their immense love once again!



N1 Single "Kokoro no Placard"
 by AKB48
Released August 27, 2014
Format CD single, digital download
Genre J-pop
Length 4:06
Label You, Be Cool! / King Records
Writer(s) Yasushi Akimoto (lyrics)
AKB48 singles chronology

"Kokoro no Placard" is the 37th Single  by the Japanese Idol Group AKB48. 


It was released in Japan on August 27, 2014 and debuted at number one in the Oricon  Daily Singles Chart with 871,923 copies sold on the first day at retail! The single was released in five types: Type A (two versions: regular and limited), Type K (regular and limited), Type B (regular and limited), Type D (regular and limited) and the Theater Edition.

AKB48 member Mayu Watanabe, who won this year's AKB48 sembatsu election, serves as the center in the title track. The lyrics of the song were written by Yashushi Akimoto and the music composed by Yusuke Itagaki.







Ariana Grande debuts at No.1 this week in the World's best-selling albums chart with "My Everything"! It's the second studio album by American recording artist Ariana Grande, and was released on August 22, 2014 by Republic. Work on the album began in October 2013, one month after the release of Ariana's debut album 'Yours Truly', and finished in late May 2014. The album is what the Artist herself calls "an evolution" from her first album with more mature themes and the exploration of new genres. The lead single "Problem" was released on April 28, 2014 and features Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. It was No.1 in the World's best-selling Singles chart for 4 non consecutive weeks. The second single off the Album,  "Break Free", features Russian-German musician and producer Zedd, and premiered on July 2, 2014 peaking at No.12 in the World's Best Singles Chart.



Paul Van Haver is by far the hottest Francophone pop artist in the world today.

His stage name, Stromae is "maestro" in backwards French slang.


Stromae's latest hit, "Papaoutai," swept the French music awards this year and went to the top of the iTunes singles charts in more than a dozen countries. The video has been viewed more than 150 million times. His Album “Racine Carree” is still in the World’s Best selling Albums chart after a Year and in May he won 2 World Music Awards, Best European Solo Artist and Best Belgian Artist to consecrate his international success.

Stromae's father was a Rwandan architect who wasn't around much; he died in that country's genocide in 1994. The singer was raised, along with four siblings, by their Belgian mother in a working-class Brussels neighborhood. "I didn't know him very well," he says. "My suffering is to know that I will never know who he was. It was difficult to know he was dead. But when my mother told me, I said, 'What's a father?' 'Cause I don't really know what a father is." Stromae grew up listening to French and American rappers, and was inspired by the Americans' rhythm and flow, but not their vision of life. "I didn't understand this kind of fake dream," he says. "As if life is about swimming pools, limousines, naked girls and stuff. No, my mother told me that happiness is not that, you know?"


His mother sent him to a Jesuit school at 16, after he failed out of the public system. It was a turning point for the artist: He decided to get serious about his life and his music, which he describes as a mix of Congolese rumba, rap, French ballad and electro-pop. The songs are about the world he grew up in. "I prefer to talk about our problems, to be proud of them, in place of trying to hide them. Because you can't. And I prefer to dance, to smile on it, to laugh on it," he says. Stromae's first hit, "Alors On Danse" ("So We Dance"), took Belgium by storm in late 2009, followed by all of Europe a few months later. It may be about unemployment, divorce and debt, but it makes you want to dance. "I decided to tell a story about the reason why we dance," the singer says. "Because I was in clubs and I love clubs, but there is so much melancholy there."

In the video for "Formidable," a bitter breakup ballad and his second big hit, he emerges from a Brussels subway station in morning rush hour. He staggers through the streets as if drunk. Some help, others ignore him; he calls it a reflection of "our true humanity." The song was inspired by a homeless man who once yelled at the singer and his girlfriend, "So you think you're beautiful!" "I never forgot this sentence, and I put it in my song, actually: Tu te crois beau," Stromae says. "He was so right, even if this guy was drunk or marginal or aggressive. He is just alone, and he needs someone to listen to him."


His fans come in all ages and colors. At a sold-out concert in Brussels, the crowd cheers as he makes inside-the-Brussels-beltway jokes. Forty-five-year-old Philip Parius says Stromae's music has even bridged the country's deep divide between French and Flemish "He's representing Belgium. That's so great," Parius says. "That's the most important thing: not the language, but the Belgian attitudes." Stromae says he feels Belgian, though he didn't always feel that way growing up. Today he considers his diverse background an asset. He never aspired to sing for non-French audiences, but when his first song became a hit in Germany, he realized it didn't matter if people understood all the words. "If we can listen to English music without understanding nothing, and dance on it, and feel the groove, feel the feelings, I'm sure everybody can do exactly the same for each language," he says. "Sometimes it's a trend that everybody wants to sing in English 'cause it's more musical, or more international," Stromae adds. "But I think it's all about offering different visions of the world. When I listen to an American singer, I wanna listen to his music in his language. Because he's more spontaneous, he's more natural, and I need his point of view. And our point of view here in Brussels is French and Flemish."


Belgium's prime minister recently gave President Obama a Stromae CD. Stromae intends to conquer the USA not just Europe!

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