After the sensational success of the 'Frozen' score, it seems we have another big soundtrack this year. In its second week on the tally 'Guardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol.1' shoots from no.7 to no.1 on the Global Album Chart with healthy 144.000 copies sold. It's the only album this week with more than 100.000 sales. 'Guardians' jumps also at no.1 in the USA and Canada, at no.2 on the British compilation list and at no.7 in Australia. This week's highest debut comes from the new seven-member J-pop boy group Johnny West. Their first album 'Go West, Yoi Don!' bows at no.1 Japan and at no.4 globally with 83.000 initial sales, according to Oricon. Last week's two big new-entries by the rock veterans Eric Clapton and Tom Petty falling very different. The latter throws down from no.1 to no.10 with his 'Hypnotic Eye' after a 69% sales loss to 56.000. Eric Clapton's 'The Breeze: An Appreciation Of JJ Cale' loses only one slot at no.3 and only 38% in sales to 84.000. Ed Sheeran's 'X' climbs back at the vice position, despite a 2% sales decrease to 91.000 copies, a total of 1,32 million after seven weeks on the tally. The 'Frozen' soundtrack holds tight at no.5 with another 75.000 sales, a 13% decline compared to the previous week and a total of 5,79 million after 37 weeks on the hitlist. Other notable debuts this week come from American hard rock band Godsmack with their new effort '1000 HP' (no.7 / 63.000 sales), American alternative band Spoon with 'They Want My Soul' (no.12 / 42.000 sales), and Australian brother-sister folk-blues group Angus & Julia Stone with their self-titled album (no.15 / 32.000 sales). Some additional sales stats: 'Love in The Future' by John Legend sold 16.000 copies last week and reaches a total of 1,04 million so far, 'Turn Blue' by The Black Keys sold 12.000 units last week, 720.000 so far, 'Midnight Memories' by One Direction sold 15.000 units last week and has a total of 4,08 million units so far, Shakira's self-titled album sold 672.000 copies so far, 'Yours Truly' by Ariana Grande 650.000 and 'Britney Jean' by Britney Spears 570.000.



Canadian pop / reggae band Magic! defends it reign atop the Global Track Chart. 'Rude' loses 4% in points to 270.000, a total of 2.119.000 points after 12 weeks on the tally. As in the past weeks, the distance to the competition is very small. On this weeks hitlist Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me' remains at no.2 with 255.000 points and Nico & Vinz' 'Am I Wrong' climbs back at no.3 with 220.000 points. Close behind with 218.000 points debuts this week's highest new-entry at no.4. 'Bukiyô Taiyô' is the tenth Global Top 10 success for the Japanese girlie idol group SKE 48. Their first, 'Pareo Wa Emerald' started only three years ago in the week 32, 2011. A lady-supergroup, consisting of Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, brings the second highest debut on the topical hitlist. 'Bang Bang' arrives at no.6 with 212.000 points. Ariana Grande has now two Top 10 hits at the same time, the other, 'Problem', sails at no.5 with 218.000 points. 'It Was Always You', the second lift-off from Maroon 5's upcoming new album, starts at no.24 with 104.000 points. Simultaneously the first single, 'Maps' climbs back at no.7 with 202.000 points. 10 years ago Maroon 5's debut smash 'This Love' ruled the Global Chart for a whopping ten weeks and was the biggest hit in that year. Outside the Top 40 waiting among other Becky G's 'Shower' at no.41, Momoiro Clover Z' 'Moon Pride' at no.48 and Dierks Bentley's Drunk On A Plane' at no.56 for their first appearance on the big list.



Old heroes atop the Global Album Chart this week: Eric Clapton and Tom Petty! The latter, jumps at no.1 with his new set 'Hypnotic Eye'. It's the first no.1 smash in the USA and globally for the 63 year-old American musician and multi-instrumentalist. His first chart-entry was nearly 37 years ago with the self-titled album and the single 'Breakdown'. 'Hypnotic Eye' sold a total of 177.000 copies last week, 131.000 of it in the USA, 12.000 in Canada, around 10.000 in Germany and 8.000 in United Kingdom. Guitar hero Eric Clapton lands shy behind Tom Petty at no.2 with his new album 'The Breeze: An Appreciation Of JJ Cale'. Clapton has one of the biggest long-time careers in the music history. His first chart-entry was 50 years ago, as a member of the Yardbirds. Their second single release 'Good Morning Little Schoolgirl' reached no.44 in United Kingdom in 1964. One year later they had a big international smash with 'For Your Love', it peaked at no.8 on the Global Chart in the week 26, 1965. And exactly 40 years ago one of Eric's biggest hits, an adaption of Bob Marley's 'I Shot The Sheriff', debuted in the Global Top 10. His topical album sold 136.000 copies in its initial week, 61.000 of it in the USA, around 15.000 in Germany and 14.000 in United Kingdom. Last week's chart-leader, the self-titled debut of the Australian teenie band 5 Seconds Of Summer, slides down at no.3, after a massive 70% sales drop to 95.000 copies. Ed Sheeran's 'X' falls at no.4 with 93.000 units (down 7%) and rounds out the top five is the soundtrack to 'Frozen' (down 4%). Some additional sales stats: '21' by Adele sold 7.000 copies last week and reaches a total of massive 26,51 million so far, Beyoncé's self -titled album sold 8.000 units last week, 3,39 million so far, 'True' by Avicii sold 17.000 units last week and has a total of 1,82 million units so far, 'Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse' by Mariah Carey sold 220.000 copies so far, 'Bangerz' by Miley Cyrus 1,86 million and 'Artpop' by Lady GaGa 1,83 million.



'Rude' by the Canadian pop / reggae band Magic! is the new number one of the Global Track Chart! After the successful release in United Kingdom, where it sold 96.000 copies in its initial week, the tune has enough power for a jump at the summit. But it was a long way, 'Rude' was released already last year, and only very slowly it ascended on the charts around the globe. This week it rules with 282.000 points, but compared with last year it's a weak result for a no.1 smash. In the comparable week of 2013, 'Rude' would only placed at no.5, overtaken by Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' with massive 537.000 points, Avicii's 'Wake Me Up!' with 408.000 points, One Direction's 'Best Song Ever' with 397.000 points and Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' with 342.000 points. 'Rude' ends the four-week reign of Ariana Grande's 'Problem'. The tune slides at no.3 after a 9% points decline to 246.000 points. Sandwiched between both is Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me', which holds the no.2 spot and loses 3% in points to 257.000. Pharrell Williams' monster-smash 'Happy' is unchanged at no.7 with another 169.000 points. After 33 weeks on the hitlist it reaches a total of 12.599.000 points. Now, there is still only a difference of 445.000 points to 'I Gotta Feeling' by the Black Eyed Peas, the biggest smash of the 21st century so far! 'Burnin' It Down', the new song by American country star Jason Aldean, is this week's highest debut at no.13 with 147.000 points. It's the first sign of his upcoming sixth album and lands at no.1 on the Digital Track Chart in the USA and Canada, according to Nielsen SoundScan.  Outside the Top 40 waiting among other Becky G's 'Shower' at no.41, Block B's 'Her' at no.45, David Guetta feat. Sam Martin's 'Lovers On The Sun' at no.49 and Dierks Bentley's Drunk On A Plane' at no.55 for their first appearance on the big list.



Thanks to its release in the USA and Canada, 5 Seconds Of Summer's self-titled set rockets easily from no16 to the tip of the Global Album Chart this week with 317.000 sales, a whopping 637% sales boost compared to the previous week. The album bowed three weeks ago at no.3 with 163.000 sales, when it was released in the rest of the world. The biggest sales generated 5 Seconds Of Summer last week in the USA with 259.000 sales, Canada with 20.000 sales and United Kingdom with 7.000 sales. In its four weeks on the tally the effort reached a total of 579.000 sales. Ed Sheeran's 'X' holds no.2 with another 100.000 sales, a total of 1,14 million after five weeks on the tally. The indestructible 'Frozen' soundtrack climbs one slot at no.3 and found another 90.000 buyers. But it's the first time since the week 1, 2014 (when it ranked at no.21 with 91.000 sales) that the album sold less than 100.000 copies in a week. Whatever, after 35 weeks on the hitlist, 'Frozen' sold a total of 5,63 million units. This week's highest debut comes from the South Korean idol group Girls' Generation, also known as So Nyeo Shi Dae. Their first compilation 'The Best', released last week in Japan, sold 75.000 units, according to Oricon. Rounds out the top five is Coldplay's 'Ghost Stories', which climbs back at no.5 in its 10th week at the hitlist with 68.000 sales. Last week's leader, Jason Mraz' 'Yes' delves deeply to no.13 after a 66% sales decline to 40.000 copies. Girls' Generation's 'The Best' leads eight debuts on the Top 40 this week, but besides Yes and La Roux all other are regional acts. La Roux new set 'Trouble In Paradise' opens at no.16 with 34.000 sales. Her self-titled debut album opened lower at no.21, but with much more sales (66.000 in the week 28, 2009). And the 21st studio album of the British art-rock formation Yes, 'Heaven & Earth', jumps at no.29 with 20.000 sales. Their first album was released 45 years ago! And their biggest success was the single smash 'Owner Of The Lonely Heart', which climbed at no.2 on the world chart in February 1984. Some additional sales stats: 'Bad Blood' by Bastille sold 13.000 copies last week and reaches a total of 1,7 million so far, 'Marshall Mathers LP 2' by Eminem sold 11.000 units last week, 4,14 million so far, 'Midnight Memories' by One Direction sold also 16.000 units last week and has a total of 4,04 million units so far, 'Farbenspiel' by Helene Fischer sold 1,29 million copies so far, 'Racine Carrée' by Stromae 2,35 million and 'Random Access Memories' by Daft Punk 3,86 million.

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